The Verebro project is multilingual website with quotes, aphorisms, maxims, funny sentencies and other short texts, which are worth thinking about or smiling at.

Verebro looks like many other pages, but is different in its target, which is to provide texts across languages. In any world language we can find personalities whose ideas are well known in that language but are not usually known in other languages; sometimes those ideas haven't been translated into other languages.

For the Verebro project I have taken texts from books and other sources so that there could be at the time of opening Verebro in individual language version all important authors from oldest time until today.

Technically, Verebro is a simple and clear tool for browsing interesting ideas, and is as easy to navigate as it can be. It is a Tool which will respond to you if you browse it on a mobile device from the train or at other times on your desktop computer.

I will be happy if you like Verebro! You can support the project by visiting it and using it by sharing the link with your friends, and by visiting the pages of our sponsors. You can also donate to Verebro by PayPal using the donate button at the lower right corner. I will periodically update Verebro with new material that I hope you will find interesting. You can contact me by using the contact form.